My handwriting is my very own, distinctive sign of life,
the affirmation of my own being.


The handwriting spark lights up the minute we can see and feel for ourselves that writing is a movement that comes from the heart that is alive, as it reflects our emotions. It is moment of pure magic. The handwriting spark does not only change your writing awareness; it also has a positive impact on your handwriting: there is a tangible development in your ability to express yourself. You will discover pleasure in writing that you never knew before.
In Europe we have a wonderful culture of writing tools and handwriting and millions of people who write by hand. But we have nothing that could be described as a culture of handwriting. In Germany handwriting lessons were actually dropped from the curriculum 40 years ago. Teachers nowadays no longer explain to children how they should hold their pen properly and how they should guide it.
This is not an atmosphere in which a love of writing can evolve. The fate that has befallen handwriting is reminiscent of the story of the ugly duckling, which was in fact a strong and proud swan. Writing should not be relegated to the position of an ugly duckling to our writing culture. We are on the dawn of a new and sophisticated culture of writing.