for learning personal handwriting
by the
globally valid Dorendorff System
for children and adults
“You don’t learn ‘any script’. You develop an essential capacity for thinking that makes use of this script. Cursive letters are tools of thought. Legible writing amounts to survival training for thoughts.”
This new perspective on the learning of handwriting produces a delightfully motivating effect, especially on schoolchildren.
Part 1
1 - Handwriting is booming. Why?
2 - The handwriting spark – or:
     My handwriting is my very own, distinctive sign of life,
     the affirmation of my own being.
3 - We always overlook the eyes when it comes to writing
4 - What does the brain write with?
5 - To understand what writing ist - Five basic factors of handwriting
      aesthetics – A.S.I.E.A. – the “Big Five”
6 - Preliminary instructions: Practical tips about the pen, handwriting and the appropriate hand movements (general graphomotor skills)

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